Olde Time Religion

In this collection you will find some biographies of olde time evangelists, preachers, missionaries, and people of the Christian faith. Also included are many of their sermons and writings of interest. There are also special links to some of the classic online books and sermons.

Phillip Paul Bliss – (1838-1876). American hymn writer and Gospel singer

Andrew A. Bonar

Gen. William Booth

John Bunyon, Sermons and Allegories of John Bunyon

William Carey – (1761-1834) English Baptist missionary to India

James Chamlers – (1841-1901) Scottish missionary-explorer to the South Pacific Islands

Fanny Crosby – (1820-1915) American hymn writer and poetess

William Guthrie – The Puritains Puritain

Matthew Henry – (1662-1714) English minister and Bible commentator

Anne Hasseltine Judson – (1789-1826) The First Lady of American Foreign Missions

David Livingstone – (1813-1873) Scottish missionary and explorer to Africa

D. L. Moody – (1837-1899) American evangelist

George Mueller – (1805-1898) English evangelist and philanthropist

John Newton – (1725-1807) English hymn writer

Mary Slessor – (1848-1915) Scottish missionary to Africa

Gypsy Smith – (1860-1947) English evangelist to gypsies and others

Charles Spurgeon – (1834-1892) English Baptist preacher, author, and editor

Hudson Taylor – (1832-1905). English missionary to China

William Tyndale

Testimony of a Former Roman Catholic Nun

More Biographies

Portraits of Great Preachers

Christian History Institute

The Hall of Church History

Cyber Hymnal

Fox’s Book of Martyrs


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