A Cotswold Village

Traversing around the world wide web I recently landed in the Cotswolds of England, famous for thatched roofed cottages and the Cotswold Lion, a very wooly sheep.

An interesting book came to my attention, written by one J. Arthur Gibbs in 1888, called A Cotswold Village or Country Life and Persuits in Gloucestershire. It is about life in the Cotswolds in the late 19th century.

Mr. Gibbs was a devout believer and this book was a tribute to the Creator that he served. An excerpt from his diary shortly before his passing (prior to the third publication of the book) read:

“Do not neglect the creeping hours of time: ‘the night cometh when no man can work.’ All time is wasted unless spent in work for God. The best secular way of spending the precious thing that men call time is by making always for some grand end–a great book, to show forth the wonders of creation and the infinite goodness of the Creator. You must influence for good if you write, and write nothing that you will regret some day or think trivial.”

I think these are words worthy of rememberence and wisdom worth heeding for this aspiring authoress.

Read A Cotswold Village online.

Here’s a page with some great photos of the Cotswolds today – doesn’t seem to change much which is nice enough for me!


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