A True Tale Told

"Everywhere, everywhere
    A tale is told to me--
  It is told in the sunny air,
    It is told on the sparkling sea.

  "It is told in the forest brakes,
    It is told on the purple hills,
  By the silent mountain lakes,
    By the singing and leaping rills.

  "In the meadows that stretch away
    As a sea of golden green,
  With hedges of sweet white may
    And the reedy brooks between.

  "Where I wander and run and rest,
    The tale is told to me,
  The sweetest tale and the best
    Of all the tales that be.

  "The tale is the tale of Jesus;
    It is told in heaven above,
  On the sea and the moors and the mountains,
    In language of all the peoples,
         The speech of love.

  "The morning star and the dayspring,
    The sun and the cloud and the shower,
  The grass and the rose and the cedar,
    His glory and love are telling
         From hour to hour.

  "The birds in the green wood singing,
    The sea that is wide and deep,
  The sheep in the folds of the mountains,
    The corn in the golden valleys,
         And all beside.

  "All round me are glorious pictures
    Of him who has made them fair;
  Through the long bright day I can see Him,
    And I fear not the silent darkness,
         For He is there,"


Translations from hymn of Heinrich Suso

Biography of Frances Bevan at Christian History

Hymns of Frances Bevan

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