Ed Ames – Try to Remember

originally posted Dec. 16, 2006

What made me think of Ed Ames today, I do not know. Feeling a little nostalgic I suppose. I added an entry to my Media Meanderings weblog for his song, My Cup Runneth Over.

One of his first hits was Try to Remember, so on that note here is some Ed Ames Trivia!

Born Malden, Massachusetts on July 9, 1927 (real name Urick), Ed, Vic, Gene and Joe were sons of Ukrainian Jewish parents and four of nine children. They were very poor but Ed attended Boston Public Latin School along with Brother Joe. The singing group was formed in 1947 in Boston and later appeared at the Roxy Theatre in New York City. During their early years they won many amateur contests and made their professional debut at the Foxes and Hounds, a posh Boston nightclub. In 1960 the Ames Brothers went in their own direction. Ed decided to persue an acting career and attended the Herbert Berghoff School of Acting. Although Ed Ames is of Russian Jewish heritage, his dark complexion led him to roles where he played Native Americans. He returned to his singing career as a solo artist and had many hits.

Click here to listen to some of his songs.

What show did Ed Ames play an Indian companion to a frontier hero . . .

Was he Tonto on from The Lone Ranger OR

Mingo from The Daniel Boone Show ?

Click on the links for your answer, you might be surprised as I was.

Here is a funny clip from the Johnny Carson show, one of the most famous funny TV moments in history!


Visit Ed Ames website.



  1. Ed Ames is a wonderful singer, and was a perfect Mingo of the 1960’s DB show. Thank you for posting! A lot of people mix him up with Tonto and several other Indians on show. But as far as I know, he only played as Mingo and Chief Bromden from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest. Otherwise, he’s Jewish and not Indian.

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